Not only Pozzallo

The Pozzalle coast, a paradise by the sea

Welcome to Pozzallo, one of the pearls of the Sicilian coast. In the extreme south of the province of Ragusa, Pozzallo is a charming coastal town characterized by the beauty of the crystalline sea kissed by golden sandy beaches, by the always pleasant climate and by the cuisine which, already very good throughout Sicily, here is characterized by tradition maritime which, together with fresh and genuine ingredients, gives the visitor an explosion of unique and unforgettable flavours.

The surroundings of Pozzallo are also characterized by enchanting and evocative places, such as the beaches of Punta Cirica and Pisciotto (the Mannira of the successful Montalbano series) and, moving further inland, the wonderful baroque of the Val di Noto starting from Ragusa Ibla passing through Modica, Scicli and, obviously, Noto in the adjacent province of Syracuse.

The Marza beach, as well as being famous for its length and its dunes of very fine golden sand, is also famous for lovers of surfing and kitesurfing which is already widely practiced in spring thanks also to the very pleasant temperatures of both the air and sea water.

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